2012 Race Recap Vol. 1: KSD Colonels' Winter Run/Walk and Lincoln County Diamond Dash

Now that 2013 and New Year's Resolutions are upon us during what, for many, is the least enjoyable time of year to pound the pavement, we thought we would help motivate winter workouts by taking a photographic tour of 2012's race season. From now until the 2013 race season gets underway, we will showcase a few of our favorite photographs by Ruby Cole-Eaton of last year's local races (and if you'd like to see more, please visit her blog at

To start things off, here are a few photos from this year's KSD Colonels' Winter Run/Walk and the Lincoln County Softball Diamond Dash.

For larger photographs, please click here.



Constitution 5K Run for the Arts 2012

Highlights from the 34th running of the Constitution 5k!

Friendly volunteers helps register the over 250 participants.

Ernst makes last minute plays.

Runners to their starting positions...

Coach Plummer prepares the starting gun...

Vince DiMartino starts the race off with Call to the Post...

And They're Off!


Sprinting past Constitution Square.


Down on Main Street

Rounding the corner towards Broadway.

Down beautiful tree-lined Broadway.

And on to Centre College's campus.

The pace bike escorts the front-runner.

Past the Norton Center.

Beneath the majestic Presbyterian Church.

Keith takes an Orange Leaf break mid-run.

While others sprint to the finish.

Ernst cheers them on.

Brian Transports a daycare's worth of kids on the back of his bike.

And then it was the kids' turn to run...

Or stroll like a wingless cherub.

And then it was time to congratulate the winners at the awards ceremony.


Ironman Louisville 2012

Congratulations are in order to Stefan Ray, Laurie Belcher, Dee Coffey and Jenny Sinclair-Hutchins, Friends of the Shop who completed (a very hot) Ironman Louisville this weekend. Make sure to congratulate any and all of them you see around town! You can view their individual results below:

Jenny -
Swim: 1:16:21 Bike: 7:14:46 Run: 5:04:51 Overall: 13:53:27
Laurie -
Swim: 1:29:23 Bike: 6:58:57 Run: 5:20:47 Overall: 14:07:36
Dee - Swim: 1:35:30 Bike: 7:04:03 Run: 5:32:09 Overall: 14:33:01
Stefan -
Swim: 1:48:26 Bike: 8:01:29 Run: 6:12:27 Overall: 16:33:56




The 2012 Twinkie Run

On June 12, 2012, sixty or so runners threw aside their watches and put their internal timeclocks to the test during the (let's say) 32nd running of The Twinkie Run. Beforehand each runner had predicted how quickly they would complete the 10K course and on this warm summer night each runner tried to make their prophecy come true. Thanks to a staggered start, if everyone ran their predicted time, everyone would finish simultaneously. Here we see a few of them in deep concentration, focused on their pace:



Not everyone finished precisely on time - though a few came extremely close - but in 2013 I predict that everyone will finish at the same time! Of course, not all predictions come true...

A big congratulations to Rhonda Anderson for finding The Hidden Twinkie. Her prize was the selfsame Twinkie. She may be having it bronzed.

Full results:


A very big thank you to Immanuel Baptist Church
Not only did they graciously allow us to host the race at their church and cooked our bratwurst, but when we newbie race directors forgot mustard, ketchup... AND PLATES... they swooped in to save the day. Thank you once again, Immanuel Baptist!


Boyle Bikes Across America

Looking to get in shape for this year's Preservation Pedal? Why not bike across the United States as a warm-up! If you'd rather not tackle the entire TransAmerica Bike Trail all at once, please team up with the local cycling community as we attempt to collectively ride the 4,241 miles together before the Preservation Pedal on July 7th.

Getting involved is easy:

1. Sign up for an account at
2. Select "Bike Boyle County KY" for your Club Affiliation
3. Next configure your journal, selecting as many variables as you'd like to log for each trip. For our purposes, all you'll need to include are "Ride Date" and "Distance"
4. Once you're logged in and registered, simply navigate to "Journal" and click "Add Ride"
5. Log the date and distance of your ride and - voila! - it will be added both to your personal total and to Bike Boyle County KY's total
6. Click on "Clubs" to see the community's total mileage... and smile as you see it steadily increase!

Of course, if you'd prefer not to register at Bike Journal, you can simply e-mail your mileage to us at and we'll add it in for you.

Let's see how far we can go!