2013 4K for Heart Health

Pictures from Ruby Cole-Eaton ( of the 2013 4K for Heart Health in Mt. Vernon.
Results can be seen here.
For larger photos, visit here.


2012 Race Recap Vol. 6: Jingle in July and Coach Plummer's Run

We continute our recap of 2012's races with two hot ones from July: the Jingle in July put on by Cundiff Chiropractic in Lancaster and Coach Plummer's Run which, as always, took place on the Danville cross-country course. Brace yourself because this week's edition has a ton of great photos from Ruby Cole-Eaton ( Enjoy!

View larger photos here!


2012 Race Recap Vol. 5: Corning, Freedom and Run for Independence

This week's Race Recap - our fifth - puts us smack-dab in the middle of Summer with the Corning 5K for the Relay for Life, the Freedom Festival 5k and the Run for Independence. As we are recapping all of 2012's runs by the start of 2013's season, these runs from halfway through the racing season (late June and early July) remind us not only that there was once a time when we could run outside in shorts but that we are over halfway to short-wearing weather in 2013. Just a month or so to go!

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The 2013 DBF Red Tag Bike Sale

Get riding in 2013 with awesome deals on 2012 bikes. Available while supplies last!


2012 Race Recap Vol. 4: Beef and Brass Edition

This week's recap centers around Beef and Brass. We lead off with a "stampede" through downtown Harrodsburg during the running of the Beef Festival Stampede 5K. Next, a peal of trumpets and horns announces the arrival of Run for the Brass pictures taken in early June. As always, these pictures are courtesy of Ruby Cole-Eaton of . Enjoy!

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