The 2015 Twinkie is Here!

The 2015 Twinkie 10K Run is set for Tuesday, June 16 at 6:30pm!

How It Works

The Twinkie 10K is either a solo 10K run or it can be split up by two teammates into two separate 5Ks. Each runner or team predicts how long their run will take them. Runners will start based on their predicted times, with slower-time runners being released first and faster-time runners being released later. If everyone ran their predicted time, everyone will finish at the exact same moment. This has never happened (yet).


Please fill out a REGISTRATION FORM and mail it in so that it arrives before Monday, June 15th. If you're running late or simply prefer to register online, please e-mail with your name(s) and predicted time.

Who It Helps

Every dollar earned by The Twinkie 10K goes towards building walking, running and biking trails in and around Boyle County via the Boyle County Trails Alliance. This last year, the Twinkie and Danville Bike and Footwear were able to donate $1,000 towards new trails. Registration is only $5 per person (MUCH less than most 5Ks) but extra donations are welcome, encouraged and will help make more fun, safe places for people to exercise outside!


This extremely casual celebration of running has been going on for about 35 years. It was started by the Gwinn Island Striders, the area's first semi-organized running group.


The Twinkie starts and finishes at Immanuel Baptist Church on Faulker Station. Click HERE for a map.

From Danville: Travel North on US 127 almost to the Mercer County line and turn right onto Faulkner Lane. Travel East about 2 miles, cross the railroad tracks and Immanuel Baptist Church will be on the right.

From Harrodsburg: Travel South on US 127 until the Boyle County line and turn left onto Faulkner Lane. Travel East about 2 miles, cross the railroad tracks and Immanuel Baptist Church will be on the right.

Pictures from the 2014 Twinkie


2015 Bike Sale



Wall of Fame: Kyle Poland

When we decided to start honoring local athletes who have Gone Big, our first thoughts turned to Kyle Poland, a former DBF employee who recently swam the English Channel to raise funds for cancer research.

To complete this epic 21-mile swim from England to France, Kyle had to endure over 11 hours of frigid, jellyfish-filled waters that churned with wind and waves. For more in-depth account, we invite you to read Centre College's account of the tale. Aside from the difficulty of this feat and the noble cause for which it was undertaken, what we celebrate is that it was done by someone so intensely local.

See Kyle's signature on the poster he so graciously sent us:

DHS Class of '98
Centre Class of '02
DBF Employee '00 - '02
Channel Crosser '13
Everyone is from somewhere
I'm from right here.

Ernst + Andrew, All the best!
Kyle Poland 11hrs, 19 min.

Epic accomplishments aren't just done by superheroes from somewhere far away. Kyle actually didn't even start swimming until sometime around high school. With a baseline of talent, a healthy helping of drive and the opportunity and willingness practice for thousands of hours, monumental feats like Kyle's can be achieved by people like you and me, by people 'from right here.'

We're proud of Kyle and we hope his adventure inspires even greater exploits in the future!


Special Sales and Small Business Saturday

We get asked all the time: "Do you all ever put stuff on sale?"

Our joking response, delivered with a smile, is usually: "Sure. Everything in the store is for sale."

But, all jokes aside, I appreciate the real meaning of the question. Customers are used to Big Box or Online stores that periodically mark down, mark up, bundle and play all sorts of games with prices to entice people to buy, buy, buy. The question boils down to this: "If I wait and come back, will the price be lower some other time?" This fluctuation of prices ends up making people constantly worried about whether or not they are getting the absolute best deal.

Sometimes it makes sense to stress about finding the rock-bottom lowest price on things. But, oftentimes, I myself find that when I've spent way too much of my time searching out a savings of a couple bucks, I'd rather have back the time I spent searching. Unfortunately: time is never refundable.

Our philosophy has always been to keep things simple. Sell only high-quality, high-value, long-lasting products at a fair price and leave the dizzying, stress-inducing shell game of rollbacks, coupon codes and closeouts to the Big Guy Goliaths of Retail.

But, with that said, for the first time in a long time, we are actually putting on a storewide sale for Small Business Saturday, in solidarity with all of our small-business brothers and sisters out there. So on Saturday, November 29th, we look forward to sharing 5 to 50% off storewide savings with you... along with our friendly, knowledgable customer service that we offer all year round!


DBF Featured on National Blog

We're honored to have been recently featured on Independent We Stand, a national Small Business advocacy group. In our article, we got to discuss all the things we try to do to give back to our community (which has given so much to us).  Check it out here!