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Why Buy Local

Local businesses help keep our local economy strong, are invested in our community, maintain our uniqueness and support community non-profits more than national chains.

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Local Businesses keep the local economy strong

  • When you buy from us, we spend that money locally. Rather than sending it out of state or out of country, the more we keep our money here, the more our community's economic base is strenghtened.

Local Businesses are invested in our community

  • We live here. We are invested in keeping this town and region in tip-top shape. Non-local businesses care more about extracting money from this area and transfering it to another.

Local Businesses keep our community unique

  • By shopping here, you vote with your wallet to keep our community unique. A town full of the same old chain stores you'd see anywhere else is boring for locals and tourists alike.

Local Businesses support community groups

  • Non-profit organizations receive nearly 250% more support from small-businesses than from national chains. We donate to many local charities.

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