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Why Buy From Us

We Know Our Stuff

  • Ernst has been in the bike business for 23 years (See History).
  • We are runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers, hikers.... and people who spend their day on their feet!
  • We use our expertise to council you to peak performance.

We Sell Good Stuff

  • We favor long-lasting products over short-lived.
  • We favor tried and true over passing fads.
  • We only sell products we ourselves would use or would recommend to friends and family.

We're From Here

  • We take the time to listen to you and learn your situation so we can find the right solution.
  • We aim for 100% satisfaction because we're trying to build a life-long relationship.
  • We treat you like our neighbor... and not just because you probably are!

We Want Our Community To Flourish

  • We encourage a healthy community by lobbying for bike lanes and organizing runs and group rides.
  • We raise money for local non-profits, donating to 22 local charities in 2011 alone.
  • We contribute to a vibrant downtown economy and atmosphere.

We Want Our Planet to Flourish

  • We believe one long-lasting item is preferrable to many cheap, short-lived ones that soon fill landfills.
  • We believe bicycles as transportation are integral to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • We recycle, conserve energy and source products as locally as possible.

We Want YOU To Flourish

  • It's why we got into this business... and why we've stayed in this business!