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Who We Are



Ernst Crown-Weber

Ernst fell in love with cycling as a kid in Cincinnati. When marriage brought him to Danville in 1982, he first started turning wrenches professionally at Eddie's Cycle Center, which he managed until 1985. After a brief hiatus as a Health Educator for the Health Management Resource center at the University of Kentucky hospital, Ernst followed his dream and opened up his own shop in 1993: Danville Bike and Fitness (which soon became Danville Bike and Footwear as our mission expanded). Now, more than 20 years later, Ernst continues doing what he loves best: wrenching on bikes and empowering people to attain and maintain health and fitness. From the Boston Marathon to cycling across the United States (twice!) to local 5k races and weekly shop-sponsored group rides, Ernst has decades of experience on the road and in the saddle (and even some time in the pool)!

Known Aliases: Big Ernst; E-Bay; E-Daddy; Ern-Man; Ernesto Y Julio Gallo


Andrew Crown-Weber

As Ernst's son, Andrew was fated to love running and biking. After working at the store during his high school years and cycling around the UK's campus in Lexington, he taught English overseas: mostly as an excuse to cycle tour around Europe, including trips down the Rhine, Danube and Inn rivers. Following in Big Ernst's footsteps, hebiked the TransAmerica bike trail before returning home to innovate at DBF and slowly - oh so slowly! - learn how to turn a wrench. Aside from helping customers find the right bike or pair of shoes, Andrew manages the shop's website, race calendar, marketing, inventory system and purchasing. If you've found an awesome product we should carry, let him know at!

Biggest ride: 200 miles in 14 hours.