The 2018 Twinkie 10K Run is set for Tuesday, June 26 at 6:30pm!

How It Works

The Twinkie 10K is either a solo 10K run or it can be split up by two teammates into two separate 5Ks. Each runner or team predicts how long their run will take them. Runners will start based on their predicted times, with slower-time runners being released first and faster-time runners being released later. If everyone ran their predicted time, everyone will finish at the exact same moment. This has never happened (yet).


Please fill out a REGISTRATION FORM and mail it in so that it arrives before Monday, June 25th. If you're running late or simply prefer to register online, please e-mail with your name(s) and predicted time.

Who It Helps

Every dollar earned by The Twinkie 10K goes towards building walking, running and biking trails in and around Boyle County via the Boyle County Trails Alliance. This last year, the Twinkie and Danville Bike and Footwear were able to donate $1,000 towards new trails. Registration is only $5 per person (MUCH less than most 5Ks) but extra donations are welcome, encouraged and will help make more fun, safe places for people to exercise outside!


This extremely casual celebration of running has been going on for about 38 years. It was started by the Gwinn Island Striders, the area's first semi-organized running group.


The Twinkie starts and finishes at Immanuel Baptist Church on Faulker Station. Click HERE for a map.

From Danville: Travel North on US 127 almost to the Mercer County line and turn right onto Faulkner Lane. Travel East about 2 miles, cross the railroad tracks and Immanuel Baptist Church will be on the right.

From Harrodsburg: Travel South on US 127 until the Boyle County line and turn left onto Faulkner Lane. Travel East about 2 miles, cross the railroad tracks and Immanuel Baptist Church will be on the right.


The 2018 Tour D'Ville!



We're excited to announce a new, monthly group bike riding opportunity highlighting our scenic community. Spearheaded by Rick Serres, The Tour D'Ville will occur on the first Saturday of every month from April through October. It will start at 3pm and leave from Wiesiger Park (except on Derby Day, when the ride will start at 1pm). 

The tour is free (besides costing some calories!) though participants are encouraged to donate to a chosen local charity corresponding to each day (more info below).

The route will be around 10 to 15 miles and take approximately 2 hours, passing by these Danville landmarks:
  • Wiesiger Plaza
  • Community Arts Center
  • Boyle County Public Library
  • Great American Dollhouse Museum
  • Jackson Park
  • Maple Ave.
  • Millenium Park
  • Centre College
  • Constitution Square
  • Kentucky School for the Deaf
  • Clarks Run Trail
  • Pioneer Playhouse
  • Chateau Du View Corbeau Winery
  • Henson Pond
  • Lexington Ave
  • Water Park Plant
  • Beer Engine
  • Downtown Danville
If there is interest, an extended trip out to and back from Wilderness Trail Distillery can be added on for an additional 5 or so miles.

For more information and/or to set up a tour, please contact us at Danville Bike and Footwear (859)238-7669 or or Rick Serres at or (859)533-0862.

For quick reference, here are the dates for each 2018 Tour D'Ville, including the local charities that participants are invited to donate to for each tour date:
April 7 at 3pm in support of The Community Arts Center
May 5 at 1pm in support of The Arts Commission of Danville/Boyle County
June 2 at 3pm in support of Pioneer Playhouse
July 7 at 3pm in support of The Boyle County Public Library
August 4 at 3pm in support of The Soul of 2nd Street
September 1 at 3pm in support of West T. Hill Theatre
October 6 at 3pm in support of Scarlet Cup Theatre